Raining 3’s at 3 AM

Hoyas win!  Hoyas win!  Hoyas win! (for those of you that don’t get the reference, watch this).  What a game last night – a double overtime 79-78 victory over Big East rival UConn.  It’s Georgetown’s 10th straight win, and they remain in first place in the Big East conference.  Otto Porter is Mr. Clutch once again, scoring the go-ahead basket with less than 10 seconds to play.  And all of this, of course, coming off his 33-point barrage at Syracuse last weekend.  This picture is my new official screen-saver:



Despite living so far away, I power through the 6-hour time difference and remain dedicated to my Hoyas.  Yes, I pay a price.  I’m currently living on less than 4 hours of sleep and 1 cup of coffee, but it is absolutely worth it. (The Donald only sleeps 4 hours per day, so today I’m in good company.)

Meanwhile, the semester whizzes along like my morning bus, and I’ve been so busy over the past few days that they start blending into each other.  I hate measuring time, but its sort of inevitable when you realize you only have 16 weeks here.  Weeks have become my standard measurement.  Not days or hours, but weeks.

This week was filled with seminars, guest lecturers, high school visits, and papers.  I just finished working on a research project analyzing EU international security policy.  White boards definitely come in handy:

EU-US group project

When analyzing the evolution of European security policy post-WWII, we divided it into 3 periods, and tried to find the “defining events” from each period.  For example, the Arab Spring in the 2000s, the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s, and the Suez Crisis in 1956.

I hope you’re not getting bored with all of these details, but I can’t help it because all of my courses absolutely fascinate me!  In Humanitarian Law, we’re currently studying the legality of detaining noncombatants at Guantanamo, and the difference between an international and a non-international armed conflict.  Sounds a little technical, but trust me – it’s awesome.  For anyone interested in the Justice and Human Rights program, you can even check out my essay about the bin Laden raid here, just to get a taste of the kind of analysis we’re doing.  Conclusion: although I support the undercover raid that took out Osama, the U.S. did violate international law (but that doesn’t mean anyone is going to do anything about it…after all, we are the United States of America).

So as you can see, the academics here are excellent.  On a typical day, I’m not simply wandering around the city looking for things to do.  Instead, I’ve got lots of things on the schedule: seminars about the Armenian Genocide in Turkey and the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, guest lectures with Muslim women about wearing the hijab (head-scarf), visits to high schools to discuss stereotypes, American politics, and all sorts of weird topics with jittery teenagers.

My mind is spinning – and that’s certainly not a bad thing.


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