Oh, the perks!

I keep telling myself I don’t deserve it.  But time after time, DIS tells me that it’s no big deal…just eat the cake, take the tickets, drink the beer.  DIS has been so generous to me this past semester, and I still don’t know how they do it.

Why am I posting this now?  We just had a delicious group dinner for all DIS bloggers.  On the menu…

I didn’t understand half of the things he said, but it sure tasted good!  And for dessert, a marshmallow-rhubarb-yogurt-vanilla cupcake:


DIS has done a lot for me this semester, sometimes surprising but always exciting and wonderful: an in-depth beer tasting course with Soren, personal excursions through St. Petersburg, weekday tickets to the Royal Theatre, classes at the U.S. Embassy, and even a fancy little dinner during finals week.  Sure, being abroad is cool enough; but all the little details really do make a difference!


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