Time for the “lasts”

thank you St. Peter's!

thank you St. Peter’s!

With my last paper handed in, it’s officially time to take in all of the “lasts” of the semester – the last Wednesday, the last potluck dinner, the last meeting with my visiting family, the last St. Peter’s cinnamon roll, the last coffee & croissant breakfast at Studenterhuset.  Has it all gone by too fast?  Is it weird that I’ll never see most of these people for a long time, maybe for the rest of my life?  Welcome to the reality of ending your study abroad.

last evening with the Larsen's (my visiting family)

last evening with the Larsen’s (my visiting family)


Honestly, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.  I think I’m ready to go back.  Unlike some of the more emotional types, I’m not really sad that it’s over – I’m happy because of all of my lessons and memories and experiences over the past four months.  I’m happy because I have so much to take back with me.  I’m happy because being abroad has reminded me that I have a wonderful home to go back to.

That being said, I still have one day left here.  That’s one more day to walk around the city and enjoy the sunlight (shining for over 16 hours now!).  One more chance to take an afternoon nap in the blossoming parks.  One more time to stop by my favorite jazz bar and listen to some music.

There’s been plenty of ups and downs along the way (I’ll talk about this some more in an upcoming post).  But in the end, I’m pretty confident that I saw and did enough this semester.  I’m not freaking out because I didn’t get to visit all the places that I wanted to see or do all the things that I wanted to do.  That’s the reality of time – 4 months feels very, very short.  But I know that I’ll probably be back here in the future.  Maybe not in the exact same place or with the same people.  But whether it’s through work, volunteering, vacationing, or more studying, my future “abroad” is full of possibilities.



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