Home sweet home

It feels good to be back home.  For my first dinner, we had a delicious juicy steak, perfectly grilled by my master-chef father:

wow, thanks dad :D

I’ve caught up with my neighbors and home-town friends, went shopping for some snazzy summer work clothes, visited my grandparents’ house at least 3 times, and enjoyed the sunny, 80-degree weather.

To all of my readers – thanks for your friendship and support over the past 4 months.  I wrote this blog not just so that I could remember all of the things I did while on the other side of the world.  I wrote it so that I could share my reflections, pictures, stories, and special moments with the rest of the blogging universe.

I also know that some of you are prospective DIS students, so I think its good to offer some advice…

1) Please please email me if you have any questions! I had tons of them during my application process, and talking with DIS alums was super helpful…naf28@georgetown.edu

2) Over the next few days, I’ll post advice about: housing, courses, things-to-do, tips, and unique opportunities.  I hope you continue reading! (Get ready for lots of lists :D)


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