Research: Religious Life in Denmark

Zuckerman's book

I became interested in Denmark primarily because of its relationship to religion. In “Is God Winning?,” a class I took at Georgetown this semester, we read many books among secularization and the persistence of religion.  One book in particular caught my attention – Society without God by Phil Zuckerman. Living in Denmark for a few years, Zuckerman conducts many interviews and concludes that religion is essentially a non-topic is Danish society.  It is a provoking conclusion:

“In my experiences with the tax bureaucracy and train system, during my discussions with journalists, policemen, social workers, and politicians, and while visiting public swimming pools as well as the fanciest of hotels, and through conducting so many face-to-face interviews with Danes and Swedes from all walks of life, I experienced a society – a markedly irreligious society – that was, above all, moral, stable, humane, and deeply good.”

Of course, this was Zuckerman’s conclusion.  It was his trip to Denmark, his interviews with Danes, and his unique point of view.  Now, it is my turn to test his two main theses:

1) Is Denmark “irreligious”?

2) Is “irreligiosity” conducive to a healthy society?

Throughout my trip, I will make my own conclusions.  Click on the Research tag to read related posts!


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